The 3 Piece Fossil Box

Giant Lamna Obliquata
70 million years old
( Extinct Mackerel Shark)

Crafted in 14Kt gold. This shark is has 2 small cuspids on each side of the incisor. This giant shark went
extinct 65 million years ago with the dinosaurs. For more info, click here.

Isurus Planus
34 million years old
(Extinct Mako Shark)

Crafted in 14Kt gold. This shark went extinct during a major catastrophic extinction event in the Oligocene
period. Classed very rare and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Click here for more info.

Hemispristis Serra
50 Million Years Old

(Extinct Snaggletooth Shark)

Crafted in sterling silver. This extinct shark is the only shark to survive two major extinction periods. It
struggled into the Pliocene period before going extinct. Click here for more info.   

Our Fossil Box is fabricated right here at Undug Co. It is lined with a soft crimson
colored velvet and is stamped with all the stamps you see in the above pictures. This attractive
wooden box will allow you years of safe keeping for your fossils and certificates.Here is a
picture of the box. And here is a close-up. This is a $29.00 value included for free!
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