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 About Undug

    Everything at Undug, from the craftsmanship to mailing the final product is done by one of our highly
trained employees. Everything is done by hand to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship. The fossils
we excavate come from around the world come from places such as Morocco, Russia, United States,
South America and Europe. As you can see we take much pride in our work and value customer
comments. If you would like to leave a comment, please fill out the contact form, this will ensure we can
contact you to make our website/services better and better. Our employees are always striving to learn
more and be able to serve our customers better.

 Michael, the President and Founder of Undug, is the one who hand picks the fossils before any other
step is completed. After they are approved by his initial inspection, they are grinded, buffed and
polished to a beautiful shine as well as any touch up work that needs to be done.

 Mark, the Operations Manager, ensures that everything runs smoothly in the factory. He also
supervises everything from excavating to fabricating the fossil boxes. Even our fossil boxes are
constructed with the utmost of care, ensuring that each fossil box is stamped and fabricated correctly.

 Both participate in all aspects of fieldwork. Each travel the world looking for and identifying fossils for
you to enjoy owning, displaying and wearing. All are responsible for furnishing you the very latest and
up to date research on your fossilized shark tooth pendants.