This prehistoric shark went extinct along with the great dinosaurs 65 million years ago when a
giant asteroid slammed into the planet earth, causing the K-T extinction. Fossil records show that
the Lamna Obliquata had small sharp cuspids on the sides of its long razor edged incisor teeth.
The small cuspids were used to finish and make clean the severing of skin, flesh, tendons and
cartilage, started by its large incisor tooth. Since these 30 foot sharks were powerfully fast
swimmers, they would overtake their prey crippling it and rendering it immobile only to come back
and finish off the job!!! These menacing looking teeth come in four sizes with a certificate of
authenticity giving it's age in approximate millions of years, species, continent of origin, period of
existence, rarity and the precious metal (14kt gold or sterling silver), you ordered the fossilized
shark tooth pendant crafted in.
Giant Lamna Obliquata - 14kt Gold
Giant Lamna Obliquata - Sterling Silver
Large Lamna Obliquata - Sterling Silver
Large Lamna Obliquata - 14Kt Gold
Medium Lamna Obliquata - 14Kt Gold
Medium Lamna Obliquata - Sterling
Small Lamna Obliquata - 14Kt Gold
Small Lamna Obliquata - Sterling Silver
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