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                                                        Our Philosophy

     Our Fossils come from archaeological digs from around the world. Spanning geological times our
shark specimens are up to 230 million years old and cover three of the seven major catastrophic
extinction events. All mass extinctions have a common denominator. Drastic and long climatic
changes took place. Whether it was earth spewing mass amounts of lava over a mile high at Deccan
Traps for nearly 200,000 years, or a giant asteroid slamming into planet earth at the Yucatan
Peninsula causing 30 miles high waves for thousands of miles 65 million years ago, or planet earth
being pulled farther and farther from the sun by the gravitational pull of the giant outer planets
causing most of the earth's water to end up at the ice caps, called the Great Ice Age, or volcanoes on
the Pacific Rim erupting simultaneously, life has always sprung back. Sharks are one of the very few
species who have reappeared every time since it first appeared 450 million years ago. Prehistoric
sharks were as they are today, cartilaginous, meaning their bodies disintegrated long before the
10,000 years needed for some of their enamel-covered teeth to fossilize. The only evidence left to us
that they even existed. Most Prehistoric sharks' teeth were destroyed through erosion, eruptions,
oxidation and bacterial decay. There were however, exact processes which caused some teeth to
fossilize for us to find and enjoy in museums. Now you can own a treasure from prehistoric times!!!.
Over geologic times nearly all species of sharks, like the Megalodon, have gone extinct because of
major catastrophic extinction events. Scientists make a strong case as to why most of life on earth
suddenly came to an end on 7 different occasions. Unlike today's sharks being needlessly destroyed
for their teeth and other body parts. Our fossils are UNDUG (excavated), cleaned and prepared with
painstaking precision; a slow and delicate procedure then dated by paleontologist. Once
accomplished it is your job to instruct the jeweler, which precious metal (14kt gold or sterling silver) to
craft this rare find in. A certificate of authenticity is then prepared giving the fossilized shark tooth's
name, age, species, continent of origin, rarity, and the precious metal you instructed the jeweler to
craft your fossilized shark tooth pendant in. We present to you in all its glory, THE PREHISTORIC

Michael Warfield
President, Undug Company - Long Beach, California