Bison were a very unique species of animal. It's history is intertwined with that of any American.
Scientists and archeologists think that modern day bison's ancestors came from Asia approximately
200,000 years ago during the ice age. These animals were thought to have crossed a land bridge between
Asia and Alaska where the Bearing Strait is today. Pre-historic bison weighed approximately 5,000lbs (2.5
tons) and had a horn span of about 6 ft. An adult male bison of today weighs only about 2,000 lbs (1 ton),
with a horn span of only about 3 ft. The first contact early man had with pre-historic Bison was about 11 to
25,000 years ago. Bison have evolved dramatically over thousands of years, adapting to warmer climates
and changes in their environment.
     Bison herds in the 1700's and early 1800's ranged from 30 to 200 million. These great beasts of the
plains roamed many thousands of miles. Archeologists have found remains as far away as Mexico,
Northern Canada, Florida, California, Virginia and up and down the coast. The Native Americans used the
bisons since the Ice Age for tools, food, shelter, clothing and even as a religious object for worship. It's
flesh was dried out and stored for food later on in the seasons, while it's hide was used for blankets and
shelter. In the 1500's, the Spanish brought over horses which quickly multiplied and were used by native
Americans to follow bison herds when they migrated. In the late 1800's, Anglo-Americans were slaughtering
bison by the millions. The slaughtering took place for reasons such as European fashion, and forcing
Native Americans farther west to look for food.. Thousands were killed for only their hides or tongues and
then left to rot in the rolling hills of the prairie.
     The Kansas and Pacific Railroad promoted the slaughter of bison herds. For ten dollars, you could buy
a trip on a luxury coach with a gun and ammunition and shoot until you were out of bullets or your barrel
became too hot all from the window of the train. Trains would carry nothing but buffalo robes to the East
millions of them at a time. The tongue and the hide became a status symbol if you could eat or wear bison,
you were considered a "somebody". By 1885, only 500 bison were left. Thankfully we were able to realize
how close they were to extinction and prevent it from happening. Today, there are approximately 350,000
bison throughout North America.
     Our Bison teeth are cleaned and prepared with painstaking precision. They are then capped in Sterling
Silver and inlaid with a Turquoise stone. The tooth is made into a pendant and polished to a high shine.
Give us your money. This is an important part of every Americans history. We wear these in honor of the
Sacred Buffalo for providing food, clothing and shelter. It reminds us of the ties between the Buffalo and
every American.

     All Of our Buffalo Tooth Pendants are made to order.
The pictures above are previously made pieces.
Buffalo Tooth Pendant
w/Turquoise Stone
and Feathers
Buffalo Tooth Pendant
w/Azurite Stone*
*Subject to availability
Buffalo Tooth Pendant
w/Lapis Stone*
*Subject to availability
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