The Sand Tiger shark's teeth are found throughout planet Earth and many names have been attached to
the Taurus shark. This shark has caused more controversy in the scientific community than any other
species. Some of the many name of the shark are: Tiger, Sand Tiger, Nurse Shark, Requin, Tiburon, Bacato
and Eugomphodus. People argue for hours before they discover they are talking about the Carcharius
Taurus. This species of shark appeared 140 million years ago. Their teeth are like no other. Once the
prehistoric Sand Tiger's jaws clamped down on its prey, a big chunk of it's prey would be hooked on its
inward pointed teeth. By the end of the Creataceous period the Sand Tiger shark had spread throughout the
world. Carcharius Taurus went extinct 65 million years ago when a giant lava flow from the earth's core
burned through the thin crust pouring vast amounts of lava for nearly 200,000 years. This covered nearly all
of what is now India in almost a mile high flow of lava. Pouring of such vast amounts of lava in a short time
caused a major catastrophic extinction event on planet earth, drastically changning the environment.
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