From the Jurassic period (202 million years ago) to the tertiary period. These prehistoric sharks made an astounding
eight evolutionary changes, pointing to the modern mako shark. The Isurus Desorii changed to suit its environment
and the food available. These are classified as extremely rare fossils since there are so few of them being excavated.
Isurus Desorii is the earliest known extinct mako giving rise to subsequent prehistoric sharks later in time. These
fossilized teeth are excavated, Undug and cleaned with painstaking precision, a certificate of authenticity is then
prepared giving it's age in approximate millions of years, continent of origin, period of existence, rarity and the
precious metal (14kt gold or sterling silver) which you order your fossilized shark tooth pendant crafted in. Limited
supplies available. These fossils come in three different sizes.
Isurus Desorii Large Sterling Silver
Isurus Desorii Large 14Kt Gold
Isurus Desorii Medium 14Kt Gold
Isurus Desorii Medium Sterling Silver
Isurus Desorii Small - 14Kt Gold
Isurus Desorii Small - Sterling Silver
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