Their teeth evolved from the Isurus Desorii some 100 million years later. The Isurus Hastalis evolved
when the environment started transforming, Things were growing bigger and the only way for this shark
to survive was to change with the environment that it inhabited, and the larger fish that inhabit the ocean.
These prehistoric Isurus Hastalis teeth are evenly symmetric and used to render its pray immobile by
slicing threw skin, muscles, cartilage, and then finally devouring its prey. These very rare Isurus Hastalis
teeth are 40 million years old. We carry two different shades of color teeth Dark gray or brown. These vary
rare prehistoric teeth are excavated, Undug then dated by paleontologist, and then finally cleaned and
prepared with pain staking precision. A certificate is then prepared and giving the name, age, rarity,
continent of origin, species, and the precious metal (14KT gold or Sterling silver) that you slected the
jeweler to craft this fossilized shark tooth pendant in
Isurus Hastalis Brown - 14Kt Gold
Isurus Hastalis Brown - Sterling Silver
Isurus Hastalis Dark Gray - Sterling
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Isurus Hastalis Dark Gray - 14Kt Gold