These beautifully colored, flat, curved fossilized shark teeth evolved during the Oligocene
period, 34 million years ago and went extinct during the Pliocene period two and half million years
ago when a major extinction event took place. As their prey evolved larger and faster their teeth
went through the appropriate evolutionary changes to meet the challenge. Developing curved
teeth that slanted inwards into it's jaw made it nearly impossible for their prey to escape death.
Once caught in these cutting, sharp teeth, a struggle ensued. As its prey struggled, they
unsuspectingly were working their way father and farther into the death trap jaws. These rare
fossils come from archaeological digs from around the world. Once excavated, (UNDUG) they are
cleaned and prepared with painstaking precision. A certificate of authenticity is prepared giving
the name, age, species, continent of origin, period of existence, rarity, and the precious metal
(14kt gold or sterling silver) you instructed the jeweler to craft your fossilized shark tooth pendant
in. Isurus Planus is one of our rarest fossils and there is a limited supply of these prehistoric shark
Isurus Planus (Brown) 14Kt Gold
Isurus Planus (Brown) Sterling Silver
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