This prehistoric shark developed the acute smell for blood, the sensitivity to vibrations in water the sight and stealth
instincts used by todays great white sharks. Even going through it's ten million years of evolutionary changes, after the
great dinosaurs died out, this very large shark developed a method of killing that is used by the great white shark today.
These extinct sharks simply chomp down through skin, muscles, tendons, cartilage and bone with their powerful jaws.
The cuspids slanted outward from the large incisor which finished severing any small membrane that may have survived
the initial cutting process. These are unmistakably massive teeth with cuspids, and one bite usually meant instant death.
They ate whales and other large mammals. We have four sizes and a limited supply. These fossils are UNDUG, cleaned
and prepared with painstaking precision. A certificate of authenticity is then prepared giving the name of the shark, its
age, continent of origin, rarity, species, period of existence, and the precious metal (14kt gold or sterling silver) you
ordered your fossilized shark tooth pendant crafted in.
Otodus Obliquus Giant 24Kt Gold

Otodus Obliquus Giant Sterling Silver

Otodus Obliquus Large 24Kt Gold

Otodus Obliquus Large Sterling Silver

Otodus Obliquus Medium Sterling Silver

Otodus Obliquus Medium 24Kt Gold

Otodus Obliquus Small Sterling Silver

Otodus Obliquus Small 24Kt Gold

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