Giant Spinosaurus Tooth Pendant - Sterling Silver $500.00
     This extremely rare fossilized dinosaur tooth pendant comes from the Spinosaurus (Spiny Lizard) the
largest carnivore that ever existed. The Spinosaurus tooth dated back to the middle Cretaceous period
approx 95 to 98 million years ago. It was in 1915 when Paleontologist Ernst Stromer Von Reichenbach
named the first Spinosaurus tooth. There are very few remains left of the Spinosaurus because of the
bombing raids on Africa in world war II. Fossilized Spinosaurus remains have been discovered in Egypt,
Morocco and Niger which are all located in Africa. This was a large and bloodthirsty, dinosaur that would
reach up to 50 feet (15m) in length and weighed up to 8 tons (16,000lbs). larger than the well known
Tyrannosaurus Rex . T Rex’s Vertebrae measures over 6 inches long while those of the Spinosaurus
measured 7.1 to 7.9in (19cm to 21cm) long. The Spinosaurus had a extremely strong back bone to support
the 6 foot neural spines running perpendicular down ITS back. This carnivore with its extremely powerful
Crocodile like teeth would devour other dinosaurs and large fish. Ninety-five million years ago this
Dinosaurs roamed a tropical coast. Evidence indicates that one of the earths major catastrophic events
wiped out the tropical coast 95 million years ago, where they roamed and now is known as the Sahara

     Our fossils come from Archeological digs around the world. This Beautifully capped sterling silver
fossilized Spinosaurus tooth pendant is layered in a jewelers epoxy for extra durability to give its original
shinny finish. Great care is taken in making this fossilized Spinosaurus pendant. This Fossil is hand crafted
in sterling silver, with a polished crimson colored garnet stone. inset in the silver cap. This pendent comes
in four sizes. Each Spinosaurus tooth comes with its own certificate of Authenticity, giving its name, age,
Species, period of existence, rarity, continent of origin, and the precious metal in which it is crafted.
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